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We have compiled a list of research reports that are useful for mobile marketing which you can obtain for free. This list includes reports published by Forrester and Gartner, two firms that usually charge thousands of dollars for their reports. To find out more, please send an email to info{at}

InMobi pubishes monthly reports that cover type of mobile device and operating systems used by country.

AdMob published monthly reports about type of mobile devices and operating systems used by country, until it was acquired by Google.
You can find the final report here

Distimo publishes monthly reports about the app stores. The August 2010 report provides details about the number of applications in the various app stores, the percentage of free versus paid, the top grossing publishers, and the top ten applications.

Distimo publishes an online directory of all the app stores, including information about the number of applications in the store, and the number of potential users.

Appcelerator published a survey of developers about which platforms they want to develop for

Millenial Media publishes monthly reports on the trends they see

If you are looking for information about user demographics by country, continent, and gender, Opera publishes a monthly report that analyzers users of the Opera browser.

The Entertainment Software Association publishes an annual report about computer and video games, with user demographic statistics about age, gender, behavior, game genres, top-selling games, revenues.